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How we work


  • You can make a reservation by filling in the reservation form on this site, by email or by phone. (If you have any special wishes regarding arrival / departure etc. please let us know)
  • After having made the reservation you will receive a leasing agreement in your own language. We kindly ask you to fill it in and return it to us as soon as possible.

On the leasing agreement you can fill in the number of people that will be staying in the mobile home, whether  you wish to use the air conditioning or heating, if you wish to book a package of bedlinen or towels etc.

  • After having received your leasing agreement and your down payment (or the whole sum in one payment), the booking will be definite. In all other cases we have the right to accept another tenant.


  • You can pay the total costs in one or two payments. If you pay in 2 payments we will charge € 15,00 for administration.
  • If you choose to pay in 2 payments, the down payment will be 25% of the total price with a minimum of € 100,00.
  • We expect you to pay rest of your payment to our bank account 2 months before departure (unless agreed otherwise).

As soon as the total costs are paid for and added to our bank account, we will send you the certificate of payment, recommended  route for Dutchmen and some useful information.

  • On presentation of your certificate of payment yu will receive the key to your accommodation at the reception on arrival. You have to pay € 50,00 guarantee for this. If you have also booked  air conditioning, you will receive the remote control on arrival. You will have to pay an extra € 50,00 guarantee for this. If you check out during opening times of the reception these guarantees will be returned.
  • On your certificate of payment you will find the following information: name, street and the number of the mobile home you have booked and whether you have booked air conditioning / heating or not. Your name, date of arrival and departure and the number of your mobile home are also known at the reception of the camp site. You must be able to show your certificate of payment on arrival and prove your identity with your passport. You will then be registered and receive the keys to your accommodation after having paid the guarantee(s).
  • Cancellation: we advise you to get an insurance for this.