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Tips for departure

Below you find some tips for your trip to Italy and your stay in our mobile home. We have worked hard to make it what it is now and we are proud of it! We hope you will have an unforgettable holiday in our mobile home. The tips below might help to give you, but also the people that stay here after you, a carefree holiday! If something is broken or does not work in the mobile home, would you be so kind as to report it at the reception? They will do everything they can to help you. Please keep in mind that you have to pay cash in the shops and at the reception.

The reception

  • The reception is opened till 8 p.m. If you think you will arrive at the camping site later than 8 p.m., please call to let them know (0039 0584 392 005). It is possible to check in till 11 p.m. at the latest. On arrival please bear in mind that the reception will be closed for siesta between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. This will prevent disappointment or irritation after a long journey.
  • Between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. it will not be possible to leave the camping site by car to go shopping etc. The camping site is also closed between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • On arrival you will have to show your certificate of payment (which we sent you by email) and your passport at the reception. The people at the camping site know that you are coming. You will receive a parking card which you will have to put behind the windscreen of your car. For the key you will have to pay a guarantee of € 50,00 in cash. The guarantee will be returned to you when you hand in the key.
  • The costs for cleaning, will have to be paid at the reception on arrival.
  • The guarantee of € 50,00 for the remote control of the air conditioning (when booked) will be returned to you when you hand the remote control in at the end of your holiday.

The Camping site / Camping shop / Supermarket

  • There are washing machines and tumble dryers at the camping site. Coins for the machines are available at the shop. A coin for the washing machine ( a bag of washing powder is included) is € 3,50. A coin for the tumble dryer is € 2,00.
  • You can rent bicycles at the camping shop for € 7,50 per bike per day.
  • There is a small supermarket at the camping site which is opened most of the day. This is very convenient for ‘the things you need’. There are several supermarkets in Viareggio.
  • WiFi Hotspots

Swimming pool:

  • The swimming pool is opened from the beginning of June till half of September. It is obligatory to wear a bathing cap. You can buy them at the camping shop in different colours and sizes for just a few euros. It is allowed to wear swim shorts.
  • The decking around the pool is partly stone and partly wood. Be careful, because the wooden part can be slippery and may cause splinters in your toes if it is not used in the correct way.

Mobile home

  • We kindly ask you to call or text us WhatsApp (06-27464585) if one of the things mentioned hereafter is broken or not present in the mobile home: TV/DVD – satellite receiver – satellite dish (on the roof) – senseo / coffee machine – microwave – lounge chairs on the veranda – 4 stacking chairs – garden table – gas bottle.

You can always go to the reception for urgent matters.

  • The TV is installed completely and is fairly easy to use. If you turn on the TV and then the satellite receiver it will automatically be set to TV reception. You can choose your channels by using the remote control of the satellite receiver.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside. If you wish to smoke, please do so outside on the veranda. We kindly ask you to put the cigarette ends in the ash tray (instead of  in the gravel or under the veranda).
  • There are continental quilts (eiderdowns) and pillows on the beds. With reference to hygiene, please, always use a bottom sheet and a  pillow case on the bed.  Don not forget to bring those. If you do not wish to use the continental quilt (eiderdown) , please, do not keep it on the floor or under the bed, but put it in a clean bag (refuse bag)and put it back on the bed at the end of your holiday.

On the double bed is a double matrass and a double continental quilt (eiderdown). There are single continental quilts on the other beds. If you stay in the mobile home with 6 people you will find a bag with an extra continental quilt, pillow and flannel sheet in the space under the corner settee. Will you please put it back in the same place after using it? In case you have to clean them, the continental quilt and the flannel sheet can be washed at 40 degrees celcius.

  • Will you kindly replace anything that has been broken? Most things are available at the larger supermarkets in Viareggio. Including defect light bulbs or batteries. It is nice for all guests when everything is complete and in working order. That way everyone can have a carefree holiday. (If you send me the bill in The Netherlands I will be happy to repay your costs.)
  • There is a senseo / coffee machine in the mobile home. Unfortunately the coffee pads for the senseo are not (yet) available in Italy so you will have to bring them yourselves. There will always be some water in the machine even when the reservoir at the back is empty. Therefore it is best to rinse it through before useIt is not allowed to barbecue on the veranda . The veranda is made of wood and may catch fire easily. You can barbecue next to or in front of the mobile home but always make sure there is a bucket of water next to it!


Air conditioning – Electricity – Gas and how it all works:

  • Please do not leave the heating, air conditioning or other appliances on when it is not necessary. It is no use to leave the air conditioning / heating on when the door is open or you are not in the mobile home. It will cool down / heat up quickly when you return to the mobile home and put it back on.
  • If you have not booked air conditioning or heating and the remote control is in your mobile home, please return it to the reception as soon as possible.
  • If you do not return the remote control and use the air conditioning / heating we will have to charge you the amount of electricity that is on the meter (there is a separate meter for the sir conditioning) and you will have to pay €10,00 per day at the reception when you return the keys at the end of your holiday.
  • The water is warmed by a water heater: The water pressure is high and the water heater is adjusted to this so that the system works effectively. At the moment the combination is good, so you get the maximum amount of hot water. If you turn the water heater slightly, the heater will not work properly and you will hardly get hot water. PLEASE DO NOT TURN THE WATER HEATER!
  • The cooker in the mobile home is a gas cooker. There are one or two bottles filled with gas next to or behind the mobile home. When your gas bottle is empty you can connect a new one yourself. The bottles are attached to the mobile home by a chain with a key. You will find the key (necessary to unlock the chain) at the small hook next to the bathroom door. Here you will also find the key to disconnect the hose. Could you please make sure that the chain is around the gas bottle and locked properly? Unfortunately it happens that a gas bottle is ‘borrowed’ by someone. If you are unable to connect a new gas bottle there might be a handy neighbour who can help you out…
  • After you have connected a new gas bottle, please report this at the supermarket. They will change the empty bottle for a full one. You will be asked to fill in your name, number of the mobile home and signature on a list. You will not have to pay for a new gas bottle. That way there is a full gas bottle for all our guests all the time . Make sure on arrival that the extra gas bottle is a full one…if not…please report at the supermarket.
  • The mobile home is extensively furnished, also with electrical appliances which all use a lot of electricity. There is not always that much electricity at a camping site (6 Amp.). If you use for example the Senseo or the microwave, please turn off other appliances that use a lot of electricity. It may happen that a fuse blows out. Near your mobile home there is a box with fuses and you can easily switch the electricity back on.

Before departure:


The main switch in the mobile home with a small kitchen window is in the closet in the master bedroom.

In the mobile home with a large kitchen window the main switch is in the cupboard above the cooker.

In some mobile homes there is also an extra switch above the fridge to switch off the fridge separately. If your fridge does not work, please make sure the switch has not been turned by accident.

  • Would you be so kind as to clean a few things which are not included in the final cleaning (as agreed by email)? Thank you very much!

It is our passion to make sure your stay will be relaxed and as carefree as possible. Despite our passion there might be things that are different or missing, for whatever reason.
the next tenant is partly dependent on your passion to make sure that everything is complete.
So, if something is broken or does not work, please let us make sure it will be repaired. We count on you.
If you go to the reception of the camping site they will be able to help you in most cases.

Unfortunately we do not have any influence on the events mentioned above and cannot be held responsible for them.

We wish you a nice  and unforgettable holiday in Tuscany!!